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A Guide to Automatically Close Safari Tabs on iPhone and iPad

For most iPhone, iPad, and all other iOS device users, Safari is the most popular and commonly used web browser. It provides its users with the best web surfing experience. This web browser comes with various great features that any user can easily use. Safari browser allows the users to close all the inactive tabs after a set time that they can choose according to their preference. That means now you don’t need to worry about the opened Safari tabs on your device. Most of the time, we just forget to close the opened browser tabs on our devices, and as a result, many tabs pile up. Have you also experienced this situation? Well, if you use the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, then you can auto-close the Safari tabs. Too many opened tabs can cause confusion, and because of this, it becomes necessary to close all the inactive Safari tabs. Are you also one of the iPhone or iPad users? Do you know how you can close all the opened tabs in the Safari browser on your device? Even thoug

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